About us…

We’re a road running, cross-country and junior track-and-field club based in Selby. Based at the Selby Rugby Club (click here for directions) our club runs set off at 6.30 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the year, with a 10km run on Tuesday evening, and a 10km and a 6km run on a Thursday evening.

We also race in the York & District Road Race League in the summer months, the East Riding Cross Country League in the winter months, and hold three club handicap competitions throughout the year.

About you…

Whether you’re old or young, fit or floppy, you’ve been running your whole life or have just taken it up, and whether you’re a hare or a tortoise, we’d love you to join us. We run at paces from 6 minute miles to 10 minute miles and anything in between, no-one gets left behind, and we regroup a couple of times during each run to make sure everyone’s okay.

Even if you’re completely new to running we’re happy to hear from you and to guide you on the best way to get off the couch and on your way to a 5k – once that’s cracked, then you’re more than capable of joining us on our shorter runs, and before too long you’ll be on your way to the longer ones too.

Let’s get together

We’re a friendly and sociable bunch, so the best way to get to know us is to come along and join in. Track down our the club’s group on Facebook, and / or Get Running Selby, ping us a message through the site or email any of the people whose email addresses are shown at the foot of this page, or just come down to the club at 6.30 on a Tuesday or a Thursday night armed with your trainers and a smile.

And if you decide you like us, then why not apply to be a member of our club – subscriptions are very reasonable, there’s a host of events throughout the year, and you get at least £2.00 off entry to all England Athletics sanctioned events. And there’s cake – lots and lots of cake.

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