2008 Selby Fun Run results

The anual Selby Fun Run, part of the Selby Family Fun Day, was held on Sunday 15th June. The 1km run was held at the new venue, Selby High School playing field. A total of 58 runners finished the event. The first to finish was Ben Sumpner in 3 minutes 5 seconds.

The first girl home, who was second overall, was 10-year old Chelsea Walker, in 3:23. Full results are below.

PlaceTimeRunner NumFirst NameSurnameLocalSexAge on dayCategory PlaceCategoryClub
100:03:051BenSumpnerLOCM15115 to 17 BoysSelby Striders
200:03:2351ChelseaWalkerF1019 to 11 Girls
300:03:3240RyanCotterillM11111 to 13 BoysCamblesforth CP
400:03:3319RobertSmithM15215 to 17 BoysWoldgate College
500:03:344SeanGallagherLOCM1019 to 11 BoysSelby Striders
600:03:425TommyMnInteeLOCM929 to 11 BoysBarwick Parade C P
700:03:482CraigMayLOCM13113 to 15 BoysSelby Striders
800:03:5050RobertShipleyLOCM11211 to 13 BoysSelby Striders
900:03:5730Harry PeterCruiseLOCM1039 to 11 BoysBrayton Junior School
1000:03:5814YasminCopelandF1029 to 11 GirlsChapel Haddlsey CE Primary School
1100:03:5923GeorgeStokerLOCM949 to 11 BoysBrayton Junior School
1100:03:5922SamAllittLOCM11311 to 13 BoysSelby Striders
1300:04:0052MariaWalkerF13113 to 15 Girls
1400:04:056EllieMcInteeLOCF939 to 11 GirlsBarwick Parade C P
1400:04:058MollieHarperLOCF13213 to 15 GirlsSelby High School
1600:04:1610JamieIbbetsonLOCM1059 to 11 BoysSelby Striders
1700:04:179ZoeIbbetsonLOCF13313 to 15 GirlsSelby Striders
1700:04:177EvaHarperLOCF11111 to 13 GirlsSelby High School
1900:04:2217SallyJacksonLOCF1049 to 11 GirlsSelby Abbey Primary School
2000:04:2357AdamBriggsLOCM13213 to 15 BoysSelby Striders
2100:04:3018RachelSmithF13413 to 15 GirlsWoldgate College
2200:04:3247BenSettleLOCM969 to 11 BoysCawood CP
2300:04:3538SamWoodLOCM1079 to 11 BoysBrayton Junior School
2400:04:3842JamesBraybrookeLOCM71Under 9 BoysHambleton School
2500:04:4853KieranHeeleyLOCM11411 to 13 BoysSelby Striders
2600:04:5529PaulONeillLOCM371Over 17 MaleDrax Power Ltd
2600:04:5528AlexONeillLOCM62Under 9 BoysSelby St Marys
2800:04:5612GeorgeCopelandM73Under 9 BoysChapel Haddlsey CE Primary School
2900:04:5735JosephMiddupLOCM74Under 9 BoysThorpe Willoughby CP
3000:05:0956StephenLoringLOCM12511 to 13 BoysSelby High School
3100:05:1125AmberAndrew ScottLOCF12211 to 13 GirlsBrayton College
3200:05:1920CharlotteGraingerLOCF959 to 11 GirlsBrayton Junior School
3300:05:4554MeganONeillLOCF12311 to 13 GirlsHoly Family Carlton
3400:05:4943PeterBraybrookeLOCM352Over 17 Male
3400:05:4941JacobBraybrookeLOCM55Under 9 BoysHambleton School
3600:06:1237PhillipBarrettLOCM403Over 17 Male
3600:06:1236BobBarrettLOCM76Under 9 BoysLongman Hills
3800:06:3039JessCotterillF969 to 11 GirlsCamblesforth CP
3900:06:3246KateSettleLOCF71Under 9 GirlsCawood CP
4000:06:4033RebeccaKaneLOCF371Over 17 Female
4000:06:4032RachelKaneLOCF62Under 9 GirlsWistow Primary School
4200:06:4215SimonPatelM16315 to 17 BoysSelby College
4300:06:4534SimonKaneLOCM394Over 17 Male
4300:06:4531AdamKaneLOCM47Under 9 BoysWistow Smart Start Pre School
4500:06:5611ZaraCopelandF23Under 9 GirlsChapel Haddlsey CE Primary School
4600:07:0013BenCopelandM1089 to 11 BoysChapel Haddlsey CE Primary School
4700:07:0845AdamSettleLOCM58Under 9 BoysCawood CP
4700:07:0849DanSettleLOCM365Over 17 Male
4900:10:0444JonathonSettleLOCM29Under 9 BoysCawood CP
4900:10:0448PennySettleLOCF362Over 17 Female
5100:11:1555SamanthaLoringLOCF323Over 17 Female