2009 Hambleton Hough Club Race results

Striders Hough Handicap Race 27/12/2009       
5 laps: total distance 3.4 miles approx.
Individual lap times
HandicapLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5
Andy Kay00:0007:4615:4823:2931:1538:49
Dave Mullaney02:0008:2415:0822:0028:5635:30
Matthew Kitchen02:1208:1314:4321:0927:2733:25
Chris Dugher03:1510:0417:5626:1334:3242:28
Brian Beisly04:2310:2616:4623:1729:5436:25
Ian Robertson09:5615:2621:0026:3232:0937:40
Lap splits and total finish times
Split 1Split 2Split 3Split 4Split 5Total time
Andy Kay07:4608:0207:4107:4607:3438:49
Dave Mullaney06:2406:4406:5206:5606:3433:30
Matthew Kitchen06:0106:3006:2606:1805:5831:13
Chris Dugher06:4907:5208:1708:1907:5639:13
Brian Beisly06:0306:2006:3106:3706:3132:02
Ian Robertson05:3005:3405:3205:3705:3127:44
Finishing positions and position each lap
Start positionEnd Lap 1End Lap 2End Lap 3End Lap 4End Lap 5
Matthew Kitchen321111
Dave Mullaney232222
Brian Beisly554333
Ian Robertson666654
Andy Kay113445
Chris Dugher445566