2013 Selby Fun Run results

Congratulations to the 60 or so adults and children who took part in the annual 1km Selby Fun Run. It was held on Sunday June 16th at Selby High School – full results are below.

PositionNumberNameCategoryClub / School / VillageTime
139Mike NattrissU/17 BSelby Striders3.21
247Christian HallU/13 BBarlby3.38
349Arran LawrensonU/15 BSelby Striders3.41
428Patrick ConlonU/13 BBarlby3.44
542Sam DugherU/15 BSelby3.49
629Emily BennisonU/17 GSelby Striders3.51
77James TaylorU/17 BSouth Duffield3.54
833James ThomsonU/11 BSelby Striders4.01
935David BryanMaleSelby4.02
1010Shaun FosterU/13 BDriffield4.03
1140Sally JacksonU/17 GSelby4.04
1246Oliver HallU/11 BBarlby4.05
1327Grace PriddyU/17 GSelby Striders4.05
1450Molly ReadheadU/15 GSelby Striders4.11
1562Courtney ChambersU/17 GSelby Striders4.21
164Lily HorsfieldU/13 GHambleton4.21
1741James DugherU/11 BSelby4.22
1848Ben LawrensonU/13 BSelby Striders4.22
1944Isaac MiddupU/11 BThorpe Willoughby4.26
2045Joseph MiddupU/13 BThorpe Willoughby4.27
2137Richard KingMaleByram4.29
2252Ben SettleU/15 BCawood4.29
2313Kate SettleU/13 GCawood4.34
2418David CritchleyU/15 BCawood4.36
2555Oliver TranterU/9 BRiccall4.41
2632William ThomsonU/9 BSelby4.41
2734Chris ThomsonMaleSelby4.43
2843Mike DugherMaleSelby4.53
2957Abbie McConvilleU/11 GSelby4.54
3058Stephen McConvilleMaleSelby4.59
3111Jonathan SettleU/9 BCawood5.07
3212Adam SettleU/11 BCawood5.09
339Andy TaylorMaleSouth Duffield5.20
3459Harry BromleyU/9 BSelby5.20
3561Richard BromleyMaleSelby5.22
366Charlotte TaylorU/13 GSouth Duffield5.30
3720Sophie MarshmanU/9 GRiccall5.30
3822Andrew MarshmanMaleRiccall5.31
3936Joshua KingU/11 BByram5.36
4030Caitlin ShooterU/9 GSnaith5.37
4156Alison TranterFemaleRiccall5.38
4231Michaela PriddyFemaleSelby5.42
435Amelia TaylorU/13 GSouth Duffield5.42
448Caroline TaylorFemaleSouth Duffield5.42
4538Amanda KingFemaleByram5.48
4663Hannah TomlinsonU/11 GSelby6.14
4764Paul CravenFemaleSelby6.14
4865Ewan RobertsonU/9 BSelby7.24
4966Ian RobertsonMaleSelby7.24