2017 – 2018 EYCCL handicap competition results

The 2017-2018 EYCCL handicap competition covered the six races in the league and and ran from 1st October 2017 to 4th March 2018. The final results in the mens’ and womens’ handicap competitions are below.

First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
FionaHeadleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)1905Welton (East Yorkshire League)1649Drewton (East Yorkshire League)8984452
ElizabethNairnSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1610Drewton (East Yorkshire League)1092Welton (East Yorkshire League)7333435
StephanieHiscottSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1493Drewton (East Yorkshire League)12142707
SaraMorrowWelton (East Yorkshire League)1385Drewton (East Yorkshire League)8762261
JoanneLockSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1152Drewton (East Yorkshire League)9232075
DebbieScottWelton (East Yorkshire League)714Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)380Drewton (East Yorkshire League)2951389
SarahMasonDrewton (East Yorkshire League)706Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)5371243
LesleyStainthorpeDrewton (East Yorkshire League)958Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)751033
LindseyGlenvilleDrewton (East Yorkshire League)10211021
FelicityCaddickWelton (East Yorkshire League)718Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)75Drewton (East Yorkshire League)75868
AndreaWhiteheadSledmere (East Yorkshire League)702Welton (East Yorkshire League)75Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)75852
KathrynParkerBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)484484
TracyLacyLangdale End (East Yorkshire League)75Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)75Welton (East Yorkshire League)75225
AnnaJaquesDrewton (East Yorkshire League)206206
GillianChathamBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)7575
JaneHopwoodSledmere (East Yorkshire League)7575
GillianKellettWelton (East Yorkshire League)7575
First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
IanRobertsonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1722Welton (East Yorkshire League)1344Drewton (East Yorkshire League)12894355
StephenHeadleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)1863Welton (East Yorkshire League)1700Drewton (East Yorkshire League)7084271
CarlWardSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1690Drewton (East Yorkshire League)1264Welton (East Yorkshire League)9883942
ChristopherDugherSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1541Welton (East Yorkshire League)1199Drewton (East Yorkshire League)9773717
AdrianCravenSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1641Welton (East Yorkshire League)1331Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)753047
TimHeneghanSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1688Welton (East Yorkshire League)1251Drewton (East Yorkshire League)753014
NicholasTateWelton (East Yorkshire League)1345Drewton (East Yorkshire League)1007Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)6452997
StephenIngledewSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1412Drewton (East Yorkshire League)891Welton (East Yorkshire League)5422845
ScottSmithSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1915Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)5542469
JohnDawsonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)787Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)787Welton (East Yorkshire League)7652339
NeilMusgroveSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1490Welton (East Yorkshire League)8482338
PaulFirthWelton (East Yorkshire League)1015Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)922Drewton (East Yorkshire League)3262263
DanielPopaWelton (East Yorkshire League)1358Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)8672225
MarkAllittSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1694Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)427Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)752196
PaulBakerSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1346Drewton (East Yorkshire League)599Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)752020
RichardHarrisonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1341Drewton (East Yorkshire League)4951836
GavinPriestleyDrewton (East Yorkshire League)943Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)5041447
PaulBennettBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)12291229
JarradEnglestownSledmere (East Yorkshire League)10881088
AlanMarshallSledmere (East Yorkshire League)10791079
DavidStainthorpeDrewton (East Yorkshire League)10701070
NicholasSummertonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)631Drewton (East Yorkshire League)355986
StephenHopwoodSledmere (East Yorkshire League)662Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)158Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)158978
ChrisGillBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)709Drewton (East Yorkshire League)215924
DavidKellettDrewton (East Yorkshire League)391Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)190Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)75656
PeterFoxDrewton (East Yorkshire League)448448
MarkBrooksSledmere (East Yorkshire League)282Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)75Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)75432
NigelTaylorDrewton (East Yorkshire League)75Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)75Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)75225
JamesBriggsSledmere (East Yorkshire League)75Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)75150
RhysGabbBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)7575