2017 – 2018 Winter handicap competition

The 2017 – 2018 winter handicap competition ran from 1st November 2017 to 1st April 2018 (inclusive) and the final results in the mens’ and womens’ handicap competitions are below.

First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
DanielPopaGoole (Goole parkrun # 119)637Leeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)623Low Dalby (Dalby Dash 10K)5321792
RichardHarrisonYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)773Morton (Gainsborough & Morton Striders 10K)330Stamford (St Valentines 30K)3001403
NicholasTateYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)635Selby (Selby parkrun # 2)453Clowne (Clowne Half Marathon)2131301
JohnWillisSelby (Selby parkrun # 9)844Pocklington (Snake Lane 10)125Abbey dash (Leeds abbey dash 2017)751044
StephenMiddupSelby (Selby parkrun # 10)628Hull (East Hull Harriers 20)329957
JarradEnglestownStamford (St Valentines 30K)300Hull (East Hull Harriers 20)300Seville, ESP (Seville Marathon)300900
TimHeneghanHull (Hull parkrun # 407)664Royston (Barnsley 10K)81745
DavidStainthorpeHull (East Hull Harriers 20)300Clowne (Clowne Half Marathon)200Skidby (Ferriby 10)177677
ChristopherHeneachonHull (East Hull Harriers 20)300Barcelona, ESP (eDreams Mitja Barcelona)200Ripley (Guy Fawkes 10)125625
PaulCallaghanPocklington (Snake Lane 10)288York (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)200Skidby (Ferriby 10)125613
PeterFoxYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)200Leeds (Leeds & Liverpool Spring Canal Canter)200Tarporley (Oulton Park Half Marathon)200600
AlanMarshallYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)200Blackpool (Great North West Half Marathon)200Pocklington (Snake Lane 10)125525
IanRobertsonSkidby (Ferriby 10)338Cleethorpes (Cleethorpes New Year's Day 10K)175513
CarlWardHarewood House (British Heart Foundation 10K)306Leeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)154460
MarkAllittSelby (Selby parkrun # 7)254Hull (EHH Boxing Day 10K)191445
George RomeHallSelby (Selby parkrun # 14)395395
RichardBrayYork (York parkrun # 264)348348
AdrianCravenYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)220Skidby (Ferriby 10)125345
GavinPriestleySelby (Selby parkrun # 9)315315
PaulBakerLiversedge (Spen 20)300300
AndyPooleLeeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)292292
KeithGrahamDoncaster (Doncaster 10K)75Leeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)75Southport (Southport Mad Dog 10K)75225
PaulFirthPocklington (Snake Lane 10)125Wakefield (Wakefield Hospice 10K)75Selby (Selby parkrun # 9)5205
StephenHeadleyKingston upon Thames (Thames Meander Half Marathon)200200
NigelTaylorPocklington (Snake Lane 10)125Selby (Selby parkrun # 1)39164
NeilRussellLeeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)75Wakefield (Wakefield Hospice 10K)75150
DavidBrunyardSelby (Selby parkrun # 5)146146
StephenIngledewSelby (Selby parkrun # 2)138138
NeilLawsonYork (York parkrun # 262)9999
JohnDawsonLow Dalby (Dalby Dash 10K)7575
AndrewRussellMeltham (Meltham 10K)7575
PhilipAlfordWakefield (Wakefield Hospice 10K)7575
BarryPickeringHelmsley (Helmsley 10K)7575
MatthewThorntonSelby (Selby parkrun # 7)6565
First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
SaraMorrowMorton (Gainsborough & Morton Striders 10K)847York (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)799Skegness (Skegness Coasters 10K)6812327
HelenCravenPocklington (Snake Lane 10)1027Selby (Selby parkrun # 2)634York (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)5352196
TracyMeadowsYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)725Blackpool (Great North West Half Marathon)509Skidby (Ferriby 10)2851519
SophieCooperYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)705Blackpool (Great North West Half Marathon)581Skidby (Ferriby 10)1251411
StephanieHiscottPontefract (Pontefract parkrun # 340)636York (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)6001236
JodieSmithKingston upon Thames (Thames Meander Half Marathon)604Pontefract (Pontefract parkrun # 344)5151119
LindseyGlenvilleHull (Hull parkrun # 404)712Royston (Barnsley 10K)213Skidby (Ferriby 10)1251050
HayleyLongWakefield (Wakefield Hospice 10K)502Goole (Goole parkrun # 120)365Pocklington (Snake Lane 10)125992
NicolaCheltonYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)720Blackpool (Great North West Half Marathon)200920
ElizabethNairnYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)448Liversedge (Spen 20)300Pocklington (Snake Lane 10)125873
DebbieCroslandDoncaster (Doncaster 10K)358Leeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)280York (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)200838
FrancinaWhelanYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)589Blackpool (Great North West Half Marathon)200789
ZoeyHeneachonBarcelona, ESP (eDreams Mitja Barcelona)331Hull (East Hull Harriers 20)300Ripley (Guy Fawkes 10)125756
GillianChathamDoncaster (Doncaster 10K)540Skidby (Ferriby 10)125665
Jo-AnneMurphyLeeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)620620
FrancesRutherfordSkidby (Ferriby 10)314Ripley (Guy Fawkes 10)283597
JenRichmondSelby (Selby parkrun # 9)562562
SarahMasonBlackpool (Great North West Half Marathon)226York (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)200Skidby (Ferriby 10)125551
RebeccaShawPontefract (Pontefract parkrun # 350)452452
AndreaWhiteheadClowne (Clowne Half Marathon)200Pocklington (Snake Lane 10)125Skidby (Ferriby 10)125450
GillyBodycombeGoole (Goole parkrun # 129)442442
WendyOrmsbyYork (Brass Monkey Half Marathon)297Doncaster (Doncaster 10K)81378
GillianKellettPocklington (Snake Lane 10)307307
DeborahRichardsonPocklington (Snake Lane 10)125Skidby (Ferriby 10)125250
FionaHeadleyKingston upon Thames (Thames Meander Half Marathon)200200
LesleyStainthorpeClowne (Clowne Half Marathon)200200
BeverleyTuteLeeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)75Doncaster (Doncaster 10K)75150
FelicityCaddickGoole (Goole parkrun # 131)131131
AnnaJaquesPocklington (Snake Lane 10)125125
LindseyHugillPocklington (Snake Lane 10)125125
NatalieJacksonPocklington (Snake Lane 10)125125
LauraCollinsPocklington (Snake Lane 10)125125
JeanetteSullivanLeeds (Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K)7575
JoanneLockHull (EHH Boxing Day 10K)7575
DebbieScottHull (EHH Boxing Day 10K)7575