2018 – 2019 EYCCL handicap results

The 2018-2019 EYCCL handicap competition covered the six races in the league and and runs from 30th September 2018 to 3rd March 2018. The results in the mens’ and womens’ handicap competitions are below.

First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
BenHamiltonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2603Welton (East Yorkshire League)2183Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)18126598
IanRobertsonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2413Welton (East Yorkshire League)2067Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)17446224
CarlWardSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2333Welton (East Yorkshire League)1900Sewerby (East Yorkshire League)18956128
AlexHoggardSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2179Sewerby (East Yorkshire League)2034Welton (East Yorkshire League)18766089
RichardBromleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)2338Welton (East Yorkshire League)1852Sewerby (East Yorkshire League)18366026
AaronStevensSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2141Sewerby (East Yorkshire League)1914Welton (East Yorkshire League)16345689
AlistairWoodSewerby (East Yorkshire League)1813Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)1714Welton (East Yorkshire League)15455072
ChristopherDugherSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2011Welton (East Yorkshire League)1749Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)11314891
ScottSmithSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2464Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1661Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)7514876
RhysGabbSewerby (East Yorkshire League)1568Sledmere (East Yorkshire League)1503Welton (East Yorkshire League)10844155
NeilRyanWelton (East Yorkshire League)2166Sewerby (East Yorkshire League)19334099
NicholasSummertonWelton (East Yorkshire League)2002Sewerby (East Yorkshire League)1924Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)754001
DavidStainthorpeSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2350Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)14673817
WayneFennellWelton (East Yorkshire League)1796Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)1113Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)3373246
MatthewThorntonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1486Welton (East Yorkshire League)1443Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)2883217
NeilMusgroveSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2056Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)4102466
ChrisGillBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)23762376
NicholasTateSewerby (East Yorkshire League)1268Welton (East Yorkshire League)959Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)752302
AdrianCravenWelton (East Yorkshire League)1046Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)860Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)3172223
RichardHarrisonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)19751975
PaulFirthWelton (East Yorkshire League)1757Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)751832
StephenHopwoodSledmere (East Yorkshire League)18091809
DavidKellettSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1330Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)751405
DanTateDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)12621262
NigelTaylorWelton (East Yorkshire League)11041104
First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
EllieKitchenSewerby (East Yorkshire League)1919Welton (East Yorkshire League)1914Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)12195052
HayleyLongSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2055Welton (East Yorkshire League)1653Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)753783
MundyKilnerWelton (East Yorkshire League)1656Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1182Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)7293567
AndreaWhiteheadSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1759Welton (East Yorkshire League)1700Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)753534
KatherineDunkerleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)1048Welton (East Yorkshire League)951Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)4972496
JoanneLockSledmere (East Yorkshire League)18701870
LesleyStainthorpeDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1186Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)4731659
SaraMorrowWelton (East Yorkshire League)13971397
DebbieScottSledmere (East Yorkshire League)13661366
GillianKellettSledmere (East Yorkshire League)13451345
FionaHeadleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)935Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)3611296
KathrynParkerDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)701Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)75776
SarahMasonWelton (East Yorkshire League)742742
MichaelaPritchardLangdale End (East Yorkshire League)75Welton (East Yorkshire League)75Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)75225
TracyLacyBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)174174
FelicityCaddickWelton (East Yorkshire League)7575