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Striders at Bishopthorpe – stats

NumberNamePocklingtonTadcasterEasingwoldKnavesmireBishop WiltonWistowAverageBishopthorpeTime under averagePosition
237Paul Firth01:08:1401:03:5201:10:4401:07:3701:01:5100:05:4691
125Sarah Mason01:03:5501:02:5301:03:2400:58:1100:05:1318
78Nigel Taylor00:49:0700:55:4000:57:2600:53:5200:54:0100:48:5900:05:022
238Alan Marshall00:47:4000:52:1600:49:4100:51:4400:50:2000:45:3600:04:443
326Paul Callaghan01:00:1500:59:0100:59:3800:55:0000:04:387
317David Kellett01:03:4300:55:1300:55:0100:57:5900:54:0300:03:564
262Natalie Jackson00:55:4100:57:2600:53:5201:05:2700:55:0500:57:3000:54:1700:03:138
263Jen Richmond00:59:2200:58:3901:00:3901:05:4001:01:0500:58:2200:02:4346
23Neil Musgrove00:50:1500:41:3600:41:4500:45:5500:44:3100:44:4800:42:4600:02:0271
582David Main00:54:2800:54:2800:52:4700:01:41259
24Neil Lawson00:53:2600:48:1100:50:4900:49:1300:01:3632
394Nick Summerton00:51:3800:50:3700:50:2900:54:1100:51:4400:50:2100:01:2325
627Lee Fenlon00:45:4500:46:0500:45:5400:45:5500:44:3500:01:2083
422Nicholas Tate00:38:3800:39:1600:38:2200:41:2300:39:2500:38:1200:01:13166
350Peter Fox00:55:0600:54:1900:55:4500:53:2100:58:4800:55:2800:54:2200:01:0616
401Adrian Craven00:46:0500:46:3000:47:1900:46:3800:45:4500:00:5369
160Felicity Caddick00:54:4500:52:3400:51:2500:51:2700:55:2600:53:0300:53:0700:52:1700:00:5033
316Gillian Kellett01:03:2701:03:4201:03:3501:03:0800:00:27179
432Hayley Long00:53:3300:53:5000:52:1600:57:4000:53:1400:54:0700:53:4000:00:2729
257Ian Robertson00:38:0800:37:4200:37:1000:39:1600:36:4900:37:4900:37:2800:00:21219
85Debra Crosland01:02:4301:03:3801:02:5901:01:1801:06:5501:03:3101:03:1400:00:17182
468Richard Harrison00:44:0300:41:4600:41:4600:40:4900:44:0900:42:3100:42:2400:00:07192

2018 Y&DRRL Bishopthorpe 10K results (Striders only)

POSNumberNameGenderGender positionCategoryGun timeChip time
278Nigel Taylorm2M400:55:310:48:59
3238Alan Marshallm3M500:57:090:45:36
4317David Kellettm4M600:57:380:54:03
7326Paul Callaghanm7M400:58:040:55:00
8262Natalie Jacksonf1F0:58:210:54:17
16350Peter Foxm11M500:59:240:54:22
18125Sarah Masonf7F450:59:430:58:11
25394Nick Summertonm15M0:59:540:50:21
29432Hayley Longf12F1:00:130:53:40
3224Neil Lawsonm19M501:00:170:49:13
33160Felicity Caddickf14F351:00:210:52:17
46263Jen Richmondf24F1:00:560:58:22
56439Matthew Thorntonm25M1:01:200:52:47
69401Adrian Cravenm33M401:01:470:45:45
7123Neil Musgrovem34M1:01:480:42:46
73119Daniel Popam35M1:01:490:51:15
83627Lee Fenlonm39M1:02:080:44:35
91237Paul Firthm43M401:02:241:01:51
130293Steve Middupm65M501:03:140:47:41
166422Nicholas Tatem89M1:04:150:38:12
179316Gillian Kellettf82F551:04:401:03:08
18285Debra Croslandf83F451:04:461:03:14
192468Richard Harrisonm104M401:04:570:42:24
204423Wayne Fennellm115M1:05:180:39:45
21673Giles Bennettm125M401:05:300:57:57
218324Wendy Ormsbyf92F551:05:301:02:26
219257Ian Robertsonm127M401:05:310:37:28
259582David Mainm162M401:07:210:52:47
276323Laura Collinsf103F351:01:010:54:27

Selby Striders at parkrun – 14th July 2018

A total of 23 Selby Striders were in action at 9 different parkruns this weekend.

At Pontefract there were 3 Striders in evidence :
William Howard was the first Strider home in 76th (gender position 69th) in 00:24:24.
Tim Heneghan completed the course in 123rd (gender position 106th) in a time of 00:27:05.
Lindsey Glenville finished in 228th (gender position 66th) in a time of 00:32:08.

At Markeaton there were 3 Striders out on the course :
Joseph Middup was the first Strider home in 9th (gender position 9th) in 00:19:48.
Isaac Middup finished in 20th (gender position 20th) in a time of 00:20:49.
Steve Middup completed the course in 52nd (gender position 50th) in a time of 00:22:54.

At Catterick parkrun Peter Fox flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 161st place (gender position 147th) in a time of 00:26:20.

At Walsall Arboretum parkrun David Kellett was the sole Strider, coming home in 98th place (gender position 91st) in a time of 00:25:04.

At Sewerby parkrun Gemma Vernon was the only Strider present, coming home in 161st place (gender position 59th) in a time of 00:33:02.

At Goole parkrun Elizabeth Nairn flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 21st place (gender position 2nd) in a time of 00:23:05.

At Cleethorpes there were 2 Striders in evidence :
Alex Hoggard was the first Strider home in 3rd (gender position 3rd) in 00:18:07.
Richard Christopher Harrison finished the course in 15th (gender position 14th) in a time of 00:19:47.

At Dalby Forest parkrun Jayne Taylor was the sole Strider, coming home in 146th place (gender position 66th) in a time of 00:34:55.

At Selby there were 10 Striders out of bed in time :
Ian Robertson was the first Strider home in 2nd (gender position 2nd) in 00:18:04.
Alan Marshall completed the course in 15th (gender position 14th) in a time of 00:21:51.
Marcus Reid came home in 17th (gender position 16th) in a time of 00:21:59.
Chris Dugher came home in 22nd (gender position 20th) in a time of 00:22:58.
Simon Paul Harvey finished the course in 26th (gender position 24th) in a time of 00:23:31.
Neil Lawson finished in 32nd (gender position 29th) in a time of 00:24:00.
Richard Bromley completed the course in 42nd (gender position 35th) in a time of 00:25:04.
Laura Collins got round in 46th (gender position 9th) in a time of 00:25:26.
Jan Marshall got round in 107th (gender position 31st) in a time of 00:32:09.
Fiona Khosla completed the course in 122nd (gender position 42nd) in a time of 00:38:21.

2018 Y&DRRL Wistow 10K results (Striders only)

PositionNumberNameGenderGender positionCategoryTime
10257Ian Robertsonm10M4000:36:49
1947Carl Wardm18M4000:38:09
27423Wayne Fennellm26M00:38:42
35332David Stainthorpem34M4000:39:24
137293Steve Middupm112M5000:46:38
15124Neil Lawsonm118M5000:48:11
154280Emma Gilesf35F3500:48:23
169582David Mainm125M4000:50:11
177323Laura Collinsf50F3500:51:31
182439Matthew Thorntonm129M00:51:41
186431Chris Plumptonm131M6000:52:01
201160Felicity Caddickf63F3500:53:03
202432Hayley Longf64F00:53:14
207417Joanne Lockf67F4500:53:53
214317David Kellettm141M6000:55:01
215262Natalie Jacksonf74F00:55:05
237324Wendy Ormsbyf91F5500:58:02