Our five handicap competitions

All members of Selby Striders are automatically eligible to be entered into the club’s handicap competitions of which there are four per year, shown below. If they are paid up members of the club at the start of the Winter and Summer handicaps they are automatically entered into those two handicap leagues. If they enter the Y&DRRL or the EYCCL they are automatically entered into the relevant leagues.

Click on the name of each handicap competition to see its results (if it’s finished) or current standings (if it’s ongoing).

Summer handicap (runs from Easter Monday to 31st October)
York & District Road Race League handicap (covers the six races in the Y&DRRL each year)
Winter handicap (runs from 1st November to Easter Sunday)
East Yorkshire Cross-Country League (EYCCL) handicap (covers the six races in the EYCCL each year)

How it works


For each of the four handicap competitions, each runner is given a baseline 10k time to set a level playing field at the start of the competition.

The starting point for the baseline 10k time is all available 5K or parkrun times (translated upwards into a 10k time), 10k and Half Marathon times (translated downwards into a 10K time) from the previous period, from which the average is taken. That gives the runner the baseline 10k time against which their results for the league are based.

Baselines for other distances are then extrapolated out from that 10k – so if your baseline 10k time is 01:00:00 then your baseline times for the summer, winter and Y&DRRL handicap competitions would be as follows :

5K : 00:28:34

5M : 00:47:32

10M : 01:39:49

HM : 02:13:21

M : 04:40:00

For races of other distances, the baseline is calculated automatically based on the distance of the relevant race. The baseline calculator on this page will take your 10k baseline time and convert it into baseline times for the other major distances.

Automatically included results

The majority of the results for the competitions are pulled in automatically from The Power of 10 website. Each runner in the club has a unique runner ID – this will either start with “999999” or won’t. If it doesn’t start with 999999 then it means that you have an entry on the Power of 10 website – if it does start with “999999” then you don’t.

Manually included results

Not all races file their results with The Power of 10 , and (following on from the above) not all runners will have entries on The Power of 10. For both of those scenarios, results can be submitted online here.


For each race you are awarded 1 point for each 0.01% that you beat your baseline time by. So if your baseline for a half marathon is 01:50:21 (which is 6621 seconds) and you run 01:47:36 (which 6456 seconds) you’ve beaten your baseline by 165 seconds, or 2.49%, so will get 249 points (excluding bonus points for distance).

Bonus points

Irrespective of whether or not you beat your baseline time, you will also get bonus points for taking part in any race that’s 5M or longer,  and the longer the race, the more bonus points. The bonus points for distance are as follows :

Under 5M : 0 points

5M : 50 points

5M to 7M : 75 points

7M to 8M : 100 points

8M to 10M : 125 points

10M to HM : 200 points

HM to 15M : 250 points

15M to M : 300 points

Points calculator

The baseline calculator on this page will take your 10K baseline time and tell you what speeds you need to achieve, at various distances, to achieve a specified number of points.

The results tables

Each race, whether included automatically or manually, is scored and the complete list of all races for each runner is available on the website for inspection.  The points and bonus points for each race are then combined, and the three top-scoring races for each runner then combine to give the standings in the league table for the competition in question.

Zero point races

Only results which score points (whether bonus points or not) are included in the complete list of results. If you don’t get any points for a race – ie. the race distance is less than 5M, so you don’t get any bonus points for distance, and you don’t beat your baseline – then it will not be shown in the complete list of results.

The awards

At the AGM, ‘prestigious’ awards are given out for the top 3 male and female runners from each of the 4 handicap competitions.

My results are wrong

If you think that your points aren’t being calculated correctly, or that the time showing for you for a particular race is wrong, then that’s a technical issue, so drop Giles a line via email to giles@gilesbennett.com.

My results are missing

If one or more of your races aren’t showing at all, then it may be that they’re not on the Power of 10, or you don’t have a Power of 10 profile – use the form on this page to add the results manually.

Archived results

Archived results of all handicap competition results going back to 2008 can be found here.