Selby Striders at parkrun – 3rd November 2018

A total of 34 Selby Striders were in action at 9 different parkruns this weekend.

At Newcastle there were 2 Striders in evidence :
Laura Collins was the first Strider home in 249th (gender position 52nd) in 00:25:39.
Stephen Pratt finished the course in 253rd (gender position 200th) in a time of 00:25:40.

At York parkrun Richard Freer represented the Striders, coming home in 100th place (gender position 94th) in a time of 00:22:43.

At Pontefract there were 3 Striders out of bed in time :
David Stainthorpe was the first Strider home in 11th (gender position 11th) in 00:21:23.
Lesley Stainthorpe finished in 65th (gender position 9th) in a time of 00:25:41.
John Kees ran the 5k in 168th (gender position 120th) in a time of 00:30:58.

At Mansfield there were 3 Striders up and ready to race :
Alex Hoggard was the first Strider home in 2nd (gender position 2nd) in 00:17:47.
Richard Christopher Harrison finished in 7th (gender position 7th) in a time of 00:19:58.
Sara Morrow completed the course in 15th (gender position 2nd) in a time of 00:22:39.

At Goole there were 5 Striders putting in an appearance :
Lee Lockwood was the first Strider home in 5th (gender position 5th) in 00:20:31.
Philip Caddick finished the course in 36th (gender position 32nd) in a time of 00:24:27.
Tim Heneghan finished in 45th (gender position 40th) in a time of 00:25:20.
Beverley Tute came home in 113th (gender position 41st) in a time of 00:34:17.
Jeanette Sullivan finished the course in 115th (gender position 43rd) in a time of 00:34:19.

At Cleethorpes there were 2 Striders running :
Phil Alford was the first Strider home in 92nd (gender position 70th) in 00:28:31.
Hayley Long completed the course in 93rd (gender position 23rd) in a time of 00:28:32.

At Panshanger parkrun Jodie Smith (ward) represented the Striders, coming home in 275th place (gender position 101st) in a time of 00:36:04.

At parkrun de Montsouris parkrun Daniel Popa was the sole Strider, coming home in 20th place (gender position 19th) in a time of 00:25:17.

At Selby there were 16 Striders up and ready to race :
Richard Archer was the first Strider home in 5th (gender position 5th) in 00:21:10.
Mark Wilson finished in 8th (gender position 8th) in a time of 00:21:52.
Marcus Reid finished in 11th (gender position 10th) in a time of 00:22:21.
Emma Giles finished the course in 19th (gender position 3rd) in a time of 00:23:16.
Jason Waring finished in 27th (gender position 23rd) in a time of 00:24:25.
Simon Paul Harvey got round in 28th (gender position 24th) in a time of 00:24:33.
Steve Ingledew finished the course in 37th (gender position 32nd) in a time of 00:26:01.
Mark Allitt got round in 41st (gender position 34th) in a time of 00:26:22.
Jen Richmond ran the 5k in 54th (gender position 12th) in a time of 00:27:57.
Stephanie Hiscott finished in 57th (gender position 14th) in a time of 00:28:18.
Hannah Priestley finished in 58th (gender position 15th) in a time of 00:28:24.
John Willis got round in 61st (gender position 46th) in a time of 00:28:49.
Natalie Jackson got round in 66th (gender position 18th) in a time of 00:29:44.
Debbie Scott finished the course in 75th (gender position 21st) in a time of 00:30:18.
Michelle Jefferson finished the course in 97th (gender position 34th) in a time of 00:34:40.
Gillian Kellett got round in 109th (gender position 39th) in a time of 00:36:28.

Wistow 10k – 2018

Below are the official results of the 2018 Wistow 10K, run on Sunday 28th October 2018.

RankBibNameClub M/FAGTimeChip
1.207Rob ScottRichmond & Zetland HarriersM1.1.00:32:5000:32:49
2.175Michael JoyeuxQuakers Running ClubM2.2.00:32:5500:32:54
3.234Reece DaltonRichmond & Zetland HarriersM3.3.00:34:1900:34:18
4.290Peter EllisCity of York ACM4.4.00:35:4800:35:46
5.216Ian RobertsonSelby StridersVM405.1.00:36:0200:36:00
6.235Peter PearsonYork Knavesmire HarriersM6.5.00:36:0500:36:04
7.136Shane GraceSt Theresa's A.C.VM407.2.00:36:0900:36:07
8.236Phillip BattyM8.6.00:36:2100:36:19
9.148Ian MaudsleySt Theresa's A.C.M9.7.00:36:2300:36:21
10.201Sharron BarlowHarrogate Harriers & ACVW401.1.00:36:2400:36:21
11.45Steve LowePontefract ACVM4010.3.00:36:3700:36:35
12.26Richard T HerringtonSt Theresa's A.C.M11.8.00:36:4300:36:40
13.314Josh LincolnRichmond & Zetland HarriersM12.9.00:36:4800:36:47
14.323Alex HoggardSelby StridersM13.10.00:37:1800:37:16
15.335Lorna YoungF2.1.00:37:3500:37:33
16.182Wayne FennellSelby StridersM14.11.00:37:4400:37:41
17.330Chris DaleRedcar Running ClubM15.12.00:37:4900:37:47
18.294Dan GreyVM4016.4.00:38:1500:38:14
19.202Simon RogersDarlington H & ACVM4017.5.00:38:2200:38:20
20.75James TarranValley Striders ACVM5018.1.00:38:2900:38:27
21.349Mike DietzVM4019.6.00:38:4100:38:38
22.227Andrew MastermanGoole Viking StridersVM5020.2.00:39:0500:39:02
23.261Sam LynnCity of York ACVM4021.7.00:39:1900:39:16
24.301Chad BullivantYork Triathlon ClubM22.13.00:39:2300:39:21
25.3Jarrad EnglestownSelby StridersM23.14.00:39:3700:39:35
26.280Aaron StevensSelby StridersM24.15.00:40:0300:39:59
27.44Sarah HunterAckworth Road RunnersF3.2.00:40:1900:40:16
28.240Rob BullenWetherby Runners ACVM4025.8.00:40:2000:40:17
29.233John GrayBillingham Marsh Hse H & ACVM5026.3.00:40:3000:40:26
30.284Steve GelderYork Triathlon ClubVM4027.9.00:40:3600:40:33
31.200Rob JamisonYorkshire Vikings Triathlon TeamVM4028.10.00:40:4300:40:40
32.144Martin BoothGoole Viking StridersVM6029.1.00:40:4600:40:42
33.325Steven WorthPocklington RunnersM30.16.00:40:5100:40:50
34.269Damian CollierMethley StridersVM4031.11.00:41:0000:40:55
35.346Katie WisePocklington RunnersF4.3.00:41:0700:41:03
36.143Adam MogerKirkstall HarriersVM4032.12.00:41:2000:41:17
37.199Martin DownerGoole Viking StridersM33.17.00:41:4600:41:41
38.77Kevin WaitePontefract ACVM5034.4.00:41:5700:41:52
39.55Chris DugherSelby StridersVM4035.13.00:42:0500:42:00
40.329Ken FoxValley Striders ACVM6036.2.00:42:2000:42:05
41.65Julie MastermanGoole Viking StridersVW505.1.00:42:3000:42:26
42.230James SpencerM37.18.00:42:4500:42:41
43.304Greg ThorleyRothwell Harriers & ACVM4038.14.00:42:5600:42:50
44.174Shaun SumnerM39.19.00:43:1600:43:03
45.343David SutherlandM40.20.00:43:1600:43:14
46.40Dave PlayforthEast Hull Harriers & ACVM5041.5.00:43:2300:43:18
47.315Rhys GabbSelby StridersM42.21.00:43:2300:43:20
48.130Robert CheltonVM4043.15.00:43:3000:43:26
49.70Mike PullonPocklington RunnersVM6044.3.00:43:3600:43:27
50.320Stuart FoxSelby StridersM45.22.00:43:4300:43:25
51.221Lucy StamfordBeverley Athletic ClubVW406.2.00:43:4900:43:44
52.291Emma TuneGoole Viking StridersF7.4.00:44:0300:43:58
53.196Lee FenlonSelby StridersM46.23.00:44:0400:43:58
54.137Chris PearsonMethley StridersVM4047.16.00:44:1200:44:04
55.20Christine McCarthyPontefract ACVW508.2.00:44:1200:44:07
56.91Daniel AyresSt Theresa's A.C.VM4048.17.00:44:3600:44:31
57.217Carl FarrowPontefract ACVM5049.6.00:44:3900:44:33
58.211Anthony BowyerPontefract ACM50.24.00:44:5200:44:40
59.24Phil WardlePontefract ACVM4051.18.00:44:5600:44:46
60.219Peter YoungVM4052.19.00:44:5700:44:47
61.276Nigel NichollsSavage MultisportVM4053.20.00:45:0000:44:53
62.322Thomas MasonHyde Park HarriersM54.25.00:45:0300:44:58
63.191Darren GillAckworth Road RunnersVM4055.21.00:45:1200:45:04
64.299Marcus ReidSelby StridersVM4056.22.00:45:1400:45:10
65.116Amanda SpencerValley Striders ACVW409.3.00:45:1800:45:12
66.162Peter ReveleyM57.26.00:45:3700:45:31
67.185Benjamin ManceyM58.27.00:45:4600:45:37
68.53Catherine HillF10.5.00:45:4700:45:44
69.306Chloe HudsonValley Striders ACF11.6.00:45:5500:45:49
70.181Katie HoldenF12.7.00:46:0000:45:51
71.337Steve ReapeVM5059.7.00:46:0700:46:04
72.139Colin CookVM6060.4.00:46:1700:46:13
73.149William AllanTadcaster HarriersVM7061.1.00:46:1900:46:15
74.76Liz AdamsValley Striders ACVW4013.4.00:46:2200:46:16
75.194Chris GoodallM62.28.00:46:2500:46:13
76.242Naomi YouelMethley StridersVW4014.5.00:46:2900:46:13
77.257Liam BrearleyM63.29.00:46:3600:46:29
78.225Matthew AdamsBaildon RunnersM64.30.00:46:3700:46:12
79.342Alexandra Sutherlandbellahouston road runnersF15.8.00:46:3900:46:36
80.224Edward EastBaildon RunnersM65.31.00:46:4200:46:17
81.256Mick BrearleySaltaire StridersVM5066.8.00:46:5000:46:43
82.318Amelia CrossanVW4016.6.00:46:5000:46:44
83.302Beverley FirthThe Blue Lagooners Triathlon ClubVW4017.7.00:46:5000:46:44
84.121Paul WhiteValley Striders ACVM7067.2.00:46:5900:46:55
85.79John BatesPontefract ACM68.32.00:47:0200:46:48
86.133Geoff LodgeWetherby Runners ACVM6069.5.00:47:0400:47:00
87.125Michael RolstonBaildon RunnersVM4070.23.00:47:1000:47:00
88.263Phil McMahonRoberttown Road RunnersM71.33.00:47:2200:46:57
89.259Michael RobinsValley Striders ACVM5072.9.00:47:2400:47:08
90.84Neil SteadGoole Viking StridersVM5073.10.00:47:3300:47:22
91.243Amanda DeanWest Hull LadiesVW5018.3.00:47:3600:47:33
92.159Sarah WestonSwans Tri TeamF19.9.00:47:4700:47:40
93.155Jonathan BoyleYork Knavesmire HarriersVM5074.11.00:47:4800:47:26
94.34Kevin ChippendaleAckworth Road RunnersVM6075.6.00:47:5200:47:39
95.283Andrew BelllVM5076.12.00:48:0100:47:50
96.326David ParryVM5077.13.00:48:0400:47:56
97.106Mark WhitleyBaildon RunnersM78.34.00:48:2000:48:08
98.265Mark BuckinghamVM4079.24.00:48:2300:48:16
99.105Simon PeacockVM5080.14.00:48:2400:48:01
100.192Heather WhitakerGoole Viking StridersF20.10.00:48:2500:48:14
101.128Mark WilsonSelby StridersVM4081.25.00:48:2600:48:23
102.241Peter ShieldsIlkley Harriers ACVM7082.3.00:48:3300:48:17
103.168Sue TindallTadcaster HarriersVW5021.4.00:48:3800:48:33
104.273Eddie GormleyVM4083.26.00:48:4000:48:28
105.103Sam JacksonSt Theresa's A.C.F22.11.00:48:4700:48:38
106.231Ian WilksSweatshopVM5084.15.00:48:5300:48:47
107.164Barbara LeeBaildon RunnersVW6023.1.00:48:5600:48:47
108.61Kieran O'BrienKirkstall HarriersVM4085.27.00:48:5800:48:47
109.317Liz ReddingtonValley Striders ACVW5024.5.00:49:0300:48:57
110.316Terence PriceSelby StridersVM4086.28.00:49:0400:48:34
111.100Richard LundBaildon RunnersVM4087.29.00:49:0500:48:53
112.321Alys GriffithsHyde Park HarriersF25.12.00:49:0500:48:59
113.83Brian WattsAskern & District RCVM7088.4.00:49:0700:49:03
114.310Tara PhillipsBaildon RunnersVW4026.8.00:49:0900:48:58
115.297Beth GroganGoole Youth ACF27.13.00:49:0900:49:02
116.338Wayne BurtonVM4089.30.00:49:1700:49:05
117.285Andy TrotterGoole Viking StridersVM4090.31.00:49:2900:49:20
118.345Paul HarbordVM4091.32.00:49:3600:49:24
119.286Clare TuneGoole Viking StridersVW4028.9.00:49:4300:49:24
120.56Matt WorsmanPontefract ACM92.35.00:49:4900:49:39
121.258Lee JamiesonKippax & District HarriersVM4093.33.00:49:5000:49:41
122.27Carla KingHoughton Harriers & ACF29.14.00:49:5000:49:47
123.135Andrew ProctorGoole Viking StridersVM5094.16.00:49:5100:49:43
124.127Alaistair MacleodYork Knavesmire HarriersVM5095.17.00:49:5600:49:41
125.52Anushka McCannF30.15.00:49:5900:49:55
126.341Andrew NichollsBorn To Run NethertonVM6096.7.00:50:0100:49:52
127.249Stephen HeadleySelby StridersVM5097.18.00:50:0700:50:01
128.296Neil RyanSelby StridersVM4098.34.00:50:0700:49:42
129.57Emma PlaceSweatshop CastlefordF31.16.00:50:0900:50:01
130.279Peter LythYork Knavesmire HarriersVM6099.8.00:50:1300:49:54
131.59Peter ThomasVM50100.19.00:50:1700:49:56
132.312Sheridan FletcherM101.36.00:50:2200:50:12
133.295Jack BarkerM102.37.00:50:3200:50:14
134.247Rebecca WatsonPocklington RunnersF32.17.00:50:3300:50:23
135.228Fiona GilchristDerwentside ACVW5033.6.00:50:3500:50:24
136.25Angela RichardsonVW4034.10.00:50:3500:50:26
137.245Debbie BlandEccleshill Road RunnersVW6035.2.00:50:3900:50:31
138.169Daniel RuddM103.38.00:50:4000:50:28
139.214Jamie BestSt Theresa's A.C.VM40104.35.00:50:4200:50:31
140.110Matthew KiddMethley StridersM105.39.00:50:4700:50:40
141.43Robert BaileyVM40106.36.00:50:5500:50:38
142.350Kyron HigginsM107.40.00:51:0300:50:32
143.308Hayley LongSelby StridersF36.18.00:51:0600:50:40
144.131Heather GillMethley StridersVW4037.11.00:51:1300:50:59
145.109Donald JohnsonBingley Harriers & ACVM60108.9.00:51:1900:50:53
146.229Elly RobertsonF38.19.00:51:2100:51:13
147.188Gary BirkettVM40109.37.00:51:2200:51:18
148.108Denise JohnsonBaildon RunnersVW5039.7.00:51:2400:51:14
149.288Paul HodgsonEasingwold Running ClubVM60110.10.00:51:2800:51:19
150.293Karen AndrewsVW5040.8.00:51:2800:51:14
151.8Andrew SumptonPontefract ACVM50111.20.00:51:3000:51:17
152.271Becky MoylettPocklington RunnersF41.20.00:51:4500:51:38
153.205Paul BrewerGoole Viking StridersM112.41.00:51:5800:51:43
154.289Alan CollierMethley StridersVM60113.11.00:51:5900:51:44
155.307Tracy MacInnesVW4042.12.00:52:0400:51:46
156.238Tracey HoldenPocklington RunnersVW4043.13.00:52:0500:51:56
157.63Louise SmithF44.21.00:52:0700:51:49
158.62Alexander ThomasM114.42.00:52:1300:51:56
159.98Stephen JohnsonVM40115.38.00:52:1800:51:56
160.348Richard BeckettSelby StridersVM40116.39.00:52:3100:52:14
161.67Mark RamskillMethley StridersVM40117.40.00:52:3800:52:31
162.157Owen LewisVM40118.41.00:52:5900:52:49
163.66Phil DeanVM40119.42.00:53:0000:52:48
164.35Gill ChippendaleMethley StridersVW6045.3.00:53:1100:52:59
165.324Ruth WarrenValley Striders ACVW6046.4.00:53:1400:53:05
166.163Alison RodgersVW5047.9.00:53:1900:53:01
167.92Paula WatsonSt Theresa's A.C.F48.22.00:53:2400:53:14
168.186Wendy HigginsSt Theresa's A.C.VW5049.10.00:53:2500:53:14
169.123Sarah AndertonBaildon RunnersVW5050.11.00:53:2800:53:17
170.212Helen LomasVW4051.14.00:53:3400:53:21
171.60Karen DawsonKirkstall HarriersVW4052.15.00:53:4300:53:27
172.165Husna BegumChapel Allerton RunnersF53.23.00:54:0800:53:57
173.80Gillian GrayVW4054.16.00:54:1400:54:05
174.327Helen RiggF55.24.00:54:1500:54:06
175.180Christine MortonF56.25.00:54:2100:54:05
176.93Linda TillerMethley StridersVW5057.12.00:54:2700:54:13
177.68Stephanie RamskillMethley StridersVW4058.17.00:54:3100:54:18
178.36Barbara Ann MillerWest Hull LadiesVW6059.5.00:54:3600:54:18
179.69Tracey PiperSt Theresa's A.C.F60.26.00:54:4800:54:38
180.48Jo YendellMethley StridersVW5061.13.00:54:5700:54:44
181.287Nigel KitchingVM60120.12.00:55:0600:54:47
182.183Sue HatfieldVW5062.14.00:55:1300:54:52
183.260Lucy RobinsValley Striders ACVW5063.15.00:55:1300:54:56
184.190Lisa Belford-McDowellSt Theresa's A.C.VW4064.18.00:55:1600:55:06
185.268David FoxVM50121.21.00:55:1800:55:02
186.232Nicola WomackDewsbury Road RunnersVW4065.19.00:55:3500:55:29
187.239Andy DeanDewsbury Road RunnersVM40122.43.00:55:3500:55:29
188.344Nicola CheltonSelby StridersVW4066.20.00:55:3900:55:30
189.333Aidan McguffieM123.43.00:55:4300:55:23
190.332Kerry GraydonRedcar Running ClubF67.27.00:55:4300:55:23
191.300Ben ThurstanVM40124.44.00:55:4800:55:27
192.189Steven LawsMethley StridersVM40125.45.00:56:0600:55:53
193.334Karen ButcherVW4068.21.00:56:0900:55:47
194.339James PerigoRoberttown Road RunnersM126.44.00:56:4200:56:27
195.340Be CurleyRoberttown Road RunnersF69.28.00:56:4300:56:29
196.126Graham ArgentVM50127.22.00:56:4700:56:42
197.42Daryl JacksonVM50128.23.00:56:5600:56:40
198.170Gail ShipleyF70.29.00:57:0800:56:58
199.281Evette HolmesF71.30.00:57:1800:56:59
200.222Archie SissonsVM50129.24.00:57:2600:57:07
201.113Jarrah PoulsomM130.45.00:57:3200:57:15
202.251Tim FallonM131.46.00:57:3800:57:17
203.72Hannah NewmanKirkstall HarriersF72.31.00:57:4900:57:37
204.115Josie BriggsSaltaire StridersVW5073.16.00:57:5200:57:39
205.13Chris JessopM132.47.00:58:0100:57:46
206.248Kathryn TaylorPocklington RunnersVW6074.6.00:58:1100:58:01
207.18Gary MoxonPontefract ACVM50133.25.00:58:5700:58:44
208.23Sally BackhouseSt Theresa's A.C.VW4075.22.00:58:5800:58:51
209.78Jean WaiteVW5076.17.00:59:0200:58:57
210.264Gillian BuckinghamRoberttown Road RunnersF77.32.00:59:0200:58:43
211.99Giles BennettSelby StridersVM40134.46.00:59:1200:58:48
212.178Emma JoyeuxQuakers Running ClubF78.33.00:59:3200:59:24
213.2John WillisSelby StridersM135.48.00:59:3400:59:08
214.150Gill LambertSt Theresa's A.C.VW5079.18.00:59:3600:59:21
215.184Leanne HallF80.34.00:59:3800:59:24
216.266Anna WalshRoberttown Road RunnersVW4081.23.00:59:3900:59:20
217.262Olga RaynerRoberttown Road RunnersF82.35.00:59:4000:59:20
218.1Jodi HaywardPontefract ACF83.36.00:59:5800:59:52
219.167Sarah CairnsTadcaster HarriersVW4084.24.01:00:1200:59:56
220.272Clare GormleyVW4085.25.01:00:1501:00:00
221.50Robert HarrisonVM40136.47.01:00:1600:59:55
222.94Caroline HaighPontefract ACF86.37.01:00:2301:00:17
223.213Donna SavageVW4087.26.01:00:3201:00:18
224.22Clare WilsonSt Theresa's A.C.VW4088.27.01:00:3701:00:30
225.134Victoria DoddsF89.38.01:00:4401:00:30
226.138Angela MayWest Hull LadiesVW4090.28.01:00:4401:00:27
227.96Deborah BatemanMethley StridersVW5091.19.01:00:5001:00:34
228.328Jacqueline AldersonF92.39.01:00:5601:00:39
229.114Mailys DelachenalBaildon RunnersF93.40.01:01:0101:00:50
230.267Nikki Jarvis-JonesRoberttown Road RunnersF94.41.01:01:0101:00:42
231.7Danny RubyPontefract ACVM50137.26.01:01:0501:00:51
232.6Julie RubyPontefract ACVW4095.29.01:01:0501:00:51
233.17Mel BlackburnMethley StridersF96.42.01:01:0901:01:03
234.152Grahame McPartlinMethley StridersVM50138.27.01:01:0901:01:01
235.112Suzanne HagueSaltaire StridersVW5097.20.01:01:3001:01:17
236.313Gillian HalliwellYorkshire Wolds RunnersVW6098.7.01:01:4701:01:26
237.206Samantha RowleySt Theresa's A.C.VW4099.30.01:01:4801:01:39
238.11Jane BennettPontefract ACVW40100.31.01:01:5101:01:37
239.270Laura CollierMethley StridersF101.43.01:01:5801:01:38
240.311Lindsay LowsonChapel Allerton RunnersVW50102.21.01:02:0001:01:59
241.41Sheila MaddisonEast Hull Harriers & ACVW50103.22.01:02:1101:01:55
242.140Sara BowersSt Theresa's A.C.F104.44.01:02:1201:02:04
243.74Rachel PlaceSweatshop Running Community (SRC) CastlefordVW50105.23.01:02:1201:01:56
244.246Dorothy DarnbroughAirecentre Pacers RCVW60106.8.01:02:2301:02:14
245.158Susie FosterSwans Tri ClubVW40107.32.01:02:5101:02:33
246.336Michael MasonHyde Park HarriersVM50139.28.01:03:0101:02:46
247.176Heather BlakeySwans Tri clubVW40108.33.01:03:0301:02:45
248.87Derek MosbyMethley StridersVM70140.5.01:03:2601:03:09
249.107Andrew GardnerSt Theresa's A.C.VM60141.13.01:03:3901:03:28
250.226Jane AdamsBaildon RunnersF109.45.01:04:0201:03:51
251.156Anne LewisYorkshire Vikings Triathlon clubVW60110.9.01:04:3001:04:13
252.203Sylvia MortenNidd Valley Road RunnersVW50111.24.01:04:3301:04:15
253.282Katherine DunkerleySelby StridersVW50112.25.01:04:4501:04:25
254.39Annette JacksonSelby StridersVW40113.34.01:04:4501:04:30
255.255Bethany O'CallaghanF114.46.01:05:1701:04:57
256.253Daniel O'CallaghanM142.49.01:05:2101:05:00
257.141Lynsey AtkinsonMethley StridersF115.47.01:05:2301:05:22
258.122Nicola HoweBaildon RunnersVW40116.35.01:05:2601:05:14
259.319Craig DilnotSelby StridersVM40143.48.01:06:0301:05:47
260.244Jayne NobleBaildon RunnersVW60117.10.01:06:3401:06:22
261.111Nicola KiddMethley StridersF118.48.01:06:3701:06:29
262.193Dawn DockrayVW50119.26.01:07:0701:06:49
263.124Geraldine RayBaildon RunnersVW50120.27.01:07:2201:07:09
264.82Pauline HardmanSt Theresa's A.C.VW70121.1.01:07:2501:07:17
265.252Camilla StudartF122.49.01:07:4801:07:29
266.254Declan O'CallaghanM144.50.01:07:4801:07:29
267.215Tracey ParsonsSt Theresa's A.C.VW50123.28.01:08:0601:07:56
268.154Kevin PatrickVM50145.29.01:08:2401:08:04
269.198Karen MooreVW40124.36.01:08:3901:08:20
270.151Clare CooperSt Theresa's A.C.VW40125.37.01:09:2401:09:08
271.278Emma DohertySt Theresa's A.C.VW40126.38.01:09:2401:09:12
272.208Jennifer DaveyF127.50.01:10:1301:10:02
273.209Ursula SwiftVW40128.39.01:10:1401:10:02
274.58Kate BrownSelby StridersF129.51.01:10:1501:10:00
275.161Claire DunhamVW50130.29.01:10:4401:10:26
276.85Chris HartleyPontefract ACVM40146.49.01:11:4301:11:20
277.9Michelle JeffersonSelby StridersF131.52.01:13:1301:12:51
278.95Wendy NicholsonSelby StridersVW40132.40.01:13:1501:12:53
279.29Amanda GreenwoodPontefract ACVW40133.41.01:13:3601:13:20
280.30Lesley WhitePontefract ACVW50134.30.01:13:3601:13:20
281.14Claire PilkingtonMethley StridersVW40135.42.01:13:4201:13:26
282.117Sarah Summersall-FrithSelby StridersF136.53.01:14:3601:14:15
283.218Ben HorsfieldSelby StridersM147.51.01:14:4901:14:26
284.64Stacey HolichSelby StridersF137.54.01:14:4901:14:26
285.97Andrea HallVW50138.31.01:14:5601:14:34
286.49Debra HarrisonVW40139.43.01:17:2001:16:59
287.47Stacey WilliamsMethley StridersF140.55.01:23:2501:23:02
288.220John HewsonBramley BreezersVM40148.50.01:28:1301:27:49
289.146Sarah DimmackF141.56.01:32:5901:32:38
290.292Laura StanworthF142.57.01:32:5901:32:38

Selby Striders at parkrun – 27th October 2018

A total of 30 Selby Striders were in action at 10 different parkruns this weekend.

At York parkrun Richard Freer was the only Strider present, coming home in 84th place (gender position 78th) in a time of 00:22:42.

At Bath Skyline parkrun Peter Fox was the only Strider present, coming home in 276th place (gender position 203rd) in a time of 00:32:02.

At Pontefract there were 2 Striders putting in an appearance :
Lindsey Glenville was the first Strider home in 139th (gender position 34th) in 00:30:16.
Tim Heneghan finished in 140th (gender position 106th) in a time of 00:30:17.

At Worcester Pitchcroft there were 2 Striders out on the course :
Joseph Middup was the first Strider home in 16th (gender position 15th) in 00:19:51.
Steve Middup finished the course in 37th (gender position 33rd) in a time of 00:21:42.

At Goole there were 4 Striders up and ready to race :
Steve Ingledew was the first Strider home in 42nd (gender position 37th) in 00:25:29.
Philip Caddick ran the 5k in 106th (gender position 72nd) in a time of 00:32:58.
Jeanette Sullivan finished in 117th (gender position 42nd) in a time of 00:34:34.
Beverley Tute finished the course in 118th (gender position 43rd) in a time of 00:34:35.

At Fountains Abbey parkrun John Kees was the only Strider present, coming home in 181st place (gender position 135th) in a time of 00:27:46.

At Humber Bridge parkrun Alex Hoggard flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 2nd place (gender position 2nd) in a time of 00:18:06.

At Selby there were 16 Striders putting in an appearance :
Dan Tate was the first Strider home in 1st (gender position 1st) in 00:17:40.
Ian Robertson came home in 6th (gender position 5th) in a time of 00:20:13.
Lee Lockwood finished the course in 11th (gender position 10th) in a time of 00:21:16.
Emma Giles finished in 19th (gender position 3rd) in a time of 00:23:16.
Simon Paul Harvey came home in 24th (gender position 21st) in a time of 00:24:21.
Neil Ryan finished the course in 26th (gender position 22nd) in a time of 00:25:17.
Lucy Bell completed the course in 30th (gender position 5th) in a time of 00:25:58.
Laura Collins finished the course in 37th (gender position 8th) in a time of 00:26:19.
Stephen Pratt finished in 39th (gender position 31st) in a time of 00:26:33.
Katy Parker completed the course in 53rd (gender position 13th) in a time of 00:28:12.
Giles Bennett got round in 67th (gender position 49th) in a time of 00:30:08.
Mark Allitt got round in 74th (gender position 53rd) in a time of 00:31:58.
Phil Alford ran the 5k in 87th (gender position 58th) in a time of 00:36:03.
Jodie Smith (ward) completed the course in 90th (gender position 32nd) in a time of 00:37:10.
Carl Ward finished in 96th (gender position 61st) in a time of 00:39:48.
Samantha Law ran the 5k in 108th (gender position 43rd) in a time of 00:52:32.

At Victoria Dock parkrun Richard Christopher Harrison was the only Strider present, coming home in 11th place (gender position 11th) in a time of 00:19:36.

At Hazelwood parkrun Alan Marshall represented the Striders, coming home in 8th place (gender position 8th) in a time of 00:21:50.

Selby Striders at parkrun – 20th October 2018

A total of 35 Selby Striders were in action at 9 different parkruns this weekend.

At Newcastle parkrun Steve Middup flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 147th place (gender position 134th) in a time of 00:22:12.

At Pontefract parkrun John Kees was the only Strider present, coming home in 143rd place (gender position 119th) in a time of 00:29:12.

At Mansfield parkrun Neil Lawson was the only Strider present, coming home in 20th place (gender position 19th) in a time of 00:59:59.

At Walsall Arboretum parkrun David Kellett kept the Striders’ end up, coming home in 173rd place (gender position 148th) in a time of 00:26:35.

At Stevenage there were 2 Striders putting in an appearance :
George Hall was the first Strider home in 144th (gender position 123rd) in 00:26:49.
Carmel Harrison finished in 176th (gender position 35th) in a time of 00:28:35.

At Goole there were 3 Striders out on the course :
Lee Lockwood was the first Strider home in 7th (gender position 7th) in 00:20:10.
Lindsey Glenville ran the 5k in 93rd (gender position 22nd) in a time of 00:28:40.
Tim Heneghan finished the course in 94th (gender position 72nd) in a time of 00:28:41.

At Hillsborough there were 2 Striders out on the course :
Richard Christopher Harrison was the first Strider home in 12th (gender position 11th) in 00:20:24.
Sara Morrow got round in 59th (gender position 8th) in a time of 00:23:05.

At Humber Bridge parkrun Alex Hoggard was the sole Strider, coming home in 2nd place (gender position 2nd) in a time of 00:18:22.

At Selby there were 23 Striders out of bed in time :
Ian Robertson was the first Strider home in 1st (gender position 1st) in 00:17:55.
Carl Ward finished in 4th (gender position 3rd) in a time of 00:18:33.
David Stainthorpe came home in 6th (gender position 5th) in a time of 00:19:34.
Chris Dugher finished in 8th (gender position 7th) in a time of 00:20:05.
Marcus Reid ran the 5k in 10th (gender position 9th) in a time of 00:20:18.
Rhys Gabb ran the 5k in 19th (gender position 16th) in a time of 00:21:40.
Alan Marshall came home in 20th (gender position 17th) in a time of 00:21:41.
Adrian Craven got round in 25th (gender position 21st) in a time of 00:22:42.
Matthew Thornton got round in 36th (gender position 29th) in a time of 00:24:33.
Neil Ryan got round in 38th (gender position 31st) in a time of 00:24:45.
Katy Parker completed the course in 40th (gender position 9th) in a time of 00:24:55.
Paul Callaghan completed the course in 43rd (gender position 34th) in a time of 00:25:17.
Steve Ingledew ran the 5k in 53rd (gender position 41st) in a time of 00:25:46.
John Willis ran the 5k in 67th (gender position 49th) in a time of 00:28:38.
Phil Alford came home in 68th (gender position 50th) in a time of 00:28:49.
Hannah Priestley got round in 69th (gender position 19th) in a time of 00:28:50.
Michaela Pritchard finished the course in 70th (gender position 20th) in a time of 00:28:59.
Natalie Jackson ran the 5k in 85th (gender position 27th) in a time of 00:31:14.
Jodie Smith (ward) finished the course in 88th (gender position 29th) in a time of 00:31:20.
Stephanie Hiscott finished in 89th (gender position 30th) in a time of 00:31:21.
Jan Marshall finished in 94th (gender position 35th) in a time of 00:31:49.
Helen Craven ran the 5k in 95th (gender position 36th) in a time of 00:32:05.
Fiona Khosla completed the course in 118th (gender position 52nd) in a time of 00:41:33.

2018 – 2019 EYCCL handicap

The 2018-2019 EYCCL handicap competition covers the six races in the league and and runs from 30th September 2018 to 3rd March 2018. The current standings in the mens’ and womens’ handicap competitions are below.

First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
CarlWardSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2333Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1605Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)9844922
ScottSmithSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2464Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1661Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)7514876
IanRobertsonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2413Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1744Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)3884545
BenHamiltonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2603Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)18124415
DavidStainthorpeSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2350Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)14673817
ChristopherDugherSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2011Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)11313142
AlexHoggardSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2179Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)8803059
NeilRyanSledmere (East Yorkshire League)25542554
RichardBromleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)24752475
NeilMusgroveSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2056Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)4102466
ChrisGillBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)23762376
AaronStevensSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2141Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)752216
RhysGabbSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1503Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)630Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)752208
RichardHarrisonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)19751975
MatthewThorntonSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1486Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)288Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)751849
StephenHopwoodSledmere (East Yorkshire League)18091809
AlistairWoodSledmere (East Yorkshire League)17141714
WayneFennellBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)1113Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)3371450
DavidKellettSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1330Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)751405
DanTateDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)12621262
AdrianCravenDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)860Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)3171177
StephenHeadleyBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)831831
LeeFenlonDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)434Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)118552
LeeLockwoodBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)395395
PhilipCaddickBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)299299
PeterFoxBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)274274
PaulFirthLangdale End (East Yorkshire League)7575
StephenIngledewLangdale End (East Yorkshire League)7575
NicholasSummertonLangdale End (East Yorkshire League)7575
NicholasTateLangdale End (East Yorkshire League)7575
First nameNameRace 1 descriptionRace 1 scoreRace 2 descriptionRace 2 scoreRace 3 descriptionRace 3 scoreTotal score
HayleyLongSledmere (East Yorkshire League)2055Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)752130
MundyKilnerDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1182Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)7291911
JoanneLockSledmere (East Yorkshire League)18701870
AndreaWhiteheadSledmere (East Yorkshire League)1759Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)751834
LesleyStainthorpeDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)1186Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)4731659
KatherineDunkerleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)1048Drewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)497Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)751620
MichaelaPritchardBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)1434Langdale End (East Yorkshire League)751509
DebbieScottSledmere (East Yorkshire League)13661366
GillianKellettSledmere (East Yorkshire League)13451345
FionaHeadleySledmere (East Yorkshire League)935Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)3611296
KathrynParkerDrewton Woods (East Yorkshire League)701Bishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)75776
TracyLacyBishop Wilton (East Yorkshire League)174174