Selby Fun Run 2017 Results

The three young men who were 3rd 4th and 5th in last year’s Selby Striders Family Fun Run moved up into the top places last Sunday when the run, which was supported by Selby Town Council as part of their Fun Day, and also sponsored by C.Dawson & Sons butchers and bakers of Brayton, was held on Selby High School grounds.

In first place was Jack Lowe of Sherburn High School, who held off a strong challenge from James Dawson from the host club Selby Striders Juniors, to finish the 1K course in 3 minutes 28 seconds, with James just one second behind. In third place was Harry Bromley of Selby Striders, a young man who has previously won his age group trophy in this event, who crossed the line in 3 mins 40 secs.

The Striders had the first two female finishers on the day, with Holly Walker crossing the line in fourth place overall, in a time of 3:55, and Elizabeth Hopwood taking 8th overall in 4:03. Wistow Primary School pupil Amanda Laurisonyte took the third female place in 4:13.

Outside of those first three places age group awards went to Adam Settle of Selby High School in the boys U/15s in 4:30, William Howard of Selby Striders Juniors (U/13) in 3:59, Alexander Tute of Snaith Primary (U/11) in 4:08 and James Sharp of Wakefield & District Harriers (U/9) 4:07.

The age group winners in the girls section were Penny Taylor of Selby Striders Juniors (U/13) 4:21, Katie Summerton of Brayton C of E School ( U/11) in 4:08) and Chloe Thornton of Carlton Primary (U/9) in 4:44.

In total 42 people completed the run in very warm conditions this year – the full list of results is below.

103:28Jack Lowe30Sherburn High SchoolB/U 151st Male
203:29James Dawson31Selby Striders JuniorsB/U 132nd Male
303:40Harry Bromley1Selby Striders JuniorsB/U 113rd Male
403:55Holly Walker10Selby Striders JuniorsG/U 131st Female
503:59William Howard13Selby Striders JuniorsB/U 131st B/U 13
604:00Andrew Taylor23N/AMale
704:02Jonathan Settle25Selby High SchoolB/U 13
804:03Elizabeth Hopwood12Selby Striders JuniorsG/U 152nd Female
904:07James Sharp33Wakefield & Dist HarriersB/U 91st B/U 9
1004:08Alexander Tute32Snaith Primary SchoolB/U 111st B/U 11
1104:09Nicholas Broadhead36Selby Striders JuniorsB/U 13
1204:13Amanda Laurisonyte39Wistow PrimaryG/U 113rd Female
1304:15Richard Bromley2N/AMale
1404:21Penny Taylor21Selby Striders JuniorsG/U 131st G/U 13
1504:25Phil Dawson45N/AMale
1604:30Adam Settle26Selby High SchoolB/U 151st B/U 15
1704:34Dan Settle28N/AMale
1804:39Archie Walker11South Milford PrimaryB/U 9
1904:44Chloe Thornton6Carlton PrimaryG/U 91st G/U 9
2004:44C Thornton50N/AMale
2104:47Henry Lanaghan3St Mary's R C PrimaryB/U 9
2204:48Brendan Lanaghan4Selby RUFCMale
2305:03Katie Summerton17Brayton C of E PrimaryG/U/111st G/U 11
2405:04Thomas Summerton16Brayton C of E PrimaryB/U 9
2505:04Nick Summerton18Selby StridersMale
2605:05Erin Johnson42Selby Striders JuniorsG/U 11
2705:35Marnie Howard37N/AFemale
2805:47Toby Settle24Cawood PrimaryB/U 9
2905:48Penny Settle27N/AFemale
3005:51Headley Horsfield46Hambleton PrimaryB/U 9
3105:51Beverley Horsfield47N/AFemale
3206:01Edward Lacy34Pollington Balne C of E
3306:01Chris Lacy35N/AMale
3406:04Vanesa Laurisonyte40Wistow PrimaryG/U 9
3506:08Robert Popa7Longmans Hill PrimaryB/U 9
3606:23Poppy Taylor20Brayton PrimaryG/U 13
3706:51Thoe Lighten14N/AB/U 9
3806:51David Lighten15N/AMale
3907:13Holly Taylor19Brayton PrimaryG/U 9
4007:15Helen Taylor22N/AFemale
4107:23Sandra Laurisonyte38Wistow PrimaryG/U 9
4207:23Povilas Laurisonyte41N/A