Selby Striders at parkrun – 16th June 2018

A total of 32 Selby Striders were in action at 5 different parkruns this weekend.

At Sewerby parkrun Dan Tate was the sole Strider, coming home in 1st place (gender position 1st) in a time of 00:17:26.

At Goole there were 3 Striders putting in an appearance :
Alan Marshall was the first Strider home in 17th (gender position 17th) in 00:22:27.
Lee Lockwood finished in 59th (gender position 49th) in a time of 00:26:18.
Jan Marshall came home in 94th (gender position 29th) in a time of 00:31:47.

At Humber Bridge there were 2 Striders in evidence :
Tim Heneghan was the first Strider home in 90th (gender position 68th) in 00:29:23.
Lindsey Glenville completed the course in 96th (gender position 25th) in a time of 00:29:38.

At Selby there were 23 Striders running :
Ian Robertson was the first Strider home in 6th (gender position 6th) in 00:18:24.
David Stainthorpe finished in 14th (gender position 14th) in a time of 00:20:11.
Richard Christopher Harrison finished in 15th (gender position 15th) in a time of 00:20:36.
Robert Barker finished the course in 17th (gender position 17th) in a time of 00:21:06.
Adrian Craven ran the 5k in 18th (gender position 18th) in a time of 00:21:26.
Sara Morrow got round in 24th (gender position 1st) in a time of 00:22:08.
Neil Lawson got round in 35th (gender position 33rd) in a time of 00:23:01.
Mark Allitt finished the course in 53rd (gender position 47th) in a time of 00:24:21.
Felicity Caddick got round in 55th (gender position 7th) in a time of 00:24:23.
Laura Collins got round in 61st (gender position 9th) in a time of 00:24:50.
Tracy Lacy finished the course in 65th (gender position 11th) in a time of 00:25:03.
Stephen Pratt ran the 5k in 67th (gender position 56th) in a time of 00:25:14.
Peter Fox finished the course in 68th (gender position 57th) in a time of 00:25:30.
Lesley Stainthorpe got round in 70th (gender position 12th) in a time of 00:25:33.
Philip Caddick finished in 71st (gender position 59th) in a time of 00:25:34.
Stephanie Hiscott came home in 114th (gender position 24th) in a time of 00:27:57.
Paul Callaghan came home in 115th (gender position 91st) in a time of 00:27:57.
Debbie Scott finished the course in 118th (gender position 25th) in a time of 00:28:09.
Jayne Taylor got round in 142nd (gender position 34th) in a time of 00:31:38.
Elizabeth Nairn finished in 172nd (gender position 53rd) in a time of 00:36:38.
Helen Craven came home in 194th (gender position 68th) in a time of 00:42:09.
John Kees came home in 196th (gender position 127th) in a time of 00:42:43.
Steve Ingledew finished the course in 199th (gender position 128th) in a time of 00:43:54.

At Hazelwood there were 3 Striders up and ready to race :
Joseph Middup was the first Strider home in 2nd (gender position 2nd) in 00:18:53.
Isaac Middup ran the 5k in 5th (gender position 5th) in a time of 00:20:43.
Steve Middup got round in 13th (gender position 13th) in a time of 00:22:20.