Selby Striders at parkrun – 25th August 2018

A total of 27 Selby Striders were in action at 10 different parkruns this weekend.

At Newcastle there were 2 Striders in evidence :
Lindsey Glenville was the first Strider home in 349th (gender position 89th) in 00:30:35.
Tim Heneghan finished the course in 350th (gender position 261st) in a time of 00:30:35.

At Pontefract there were 5 Striders up and ready to race :
David Stainthorpe was the first Strider home in 14th (gender position 13th) in 00:19:57.
Robert Barker finished the course in 31st (gender position 29th) in a time of 00:21:22.
Lesley Stainthorpe completed the course in 98th (gender position 20th) in a time of 00:25:35.
Felicity Caddick came home in 102nd (gender position 21st) in a time of 00:25:41.
Philip Caddick completed the course in 152nd (gender position 116th) in a time of 00:28:07.

At Gloucester North there were 2 Striders out of bed in time :
Isaac Middup was the first Strider home in 7th (gender position 7th) in 00:21:04.
Steve Middup completed the course in 18th (gender position 18th) in a time of 00:22:32.

At Tees Barrage parkrun Neil Lawson was the only Strider present, coming home in 40th place (gender position 38th) in a time of 00:24:28.

At Peter Pan parkrun Alex Hoggard kept the Striders’ end up, coming home in 2nd place (gender position 2nd) in a time of 00:18:52.

At Goole there were 2 Striders putting in an appearance :
Hannah Priestley was the first Strider home in 114th (gender position 35th) in 00:32:10.
Sarah Summersall-frith finished in 125th (gender position 43rd) in a time of 00:35:00.

At Margate parkrun Giles Bennett kept the Striders’ end up, coming home in 54th place (gender position 46th) in a time of 00:26:57.

At Fountains Abbey parkrun John Kees flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 178th place (gender position 132nd) in a time of 00:27:43.

At Dalby Forest parkrun Jayne Taylor kept the Striders’ end up, coming home in 276th place (gender position 122nd) in a time of 00:59:02.

At Selby there were 11 Striders in evidence :
Rhys Gabb was the first Strider home in 4th (gender position 4th) in 00:20:34.
Marcus Reid completed the course in 9th (gender position 8th) in a time of 00:21:40.
Simon Paul Harvey came home in 16th (gender position 15th) in a time of 00:23:09.
Brian Beisly got round in 20th (gender position 19th) in a time of 00:23:47.
Steve Ingledew ran the 5k in 33rd (gender position 30th) in a time of 00:25:15.
Daniel Popa finished in 39th (gender position 34th) in a time of 00:26:15.
Andrea Whitehead got round in 42nd (gender position 6th) in a time of 00:26:34.
Jen Richmond came home in 47th (gender position 9th) in a time of 00:27:22.
Gillian Kellett finished in 72nd (gender position 24th) in a time of 00:31:22.
Kate Brown completed the course in 83rd (gender position 33rd) in a time of 00:33:50.
Phil Alford came home in 102nd (gender position 53rd) in a time of 00:52:43.