Selby Striders at parkrun – 27th January 2018

A total of 26 Selby Striders were in action at 10 different parkruns this weekend.

At Woodhouse Moor parkrun John Laverick represented the Striders, coming home in 62nd place (gender position 55th) in a time of 00:21:58.

At York parkrun Neil Lawson flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 457th place (gender position 291st) in a time of 00:37:58.

At Millom there were 3 Striders in evidence :
Joseph Middup was the first Strider home in 2nd (gender position 2nd) in 00:26:33.
Isaac Middup ran the 5k in 4th (gender position 4th) in a time of 00:29:17.
Steve Middup finished in 6th (gender position 6th) in a time of 00:29:27.

At Lincoln there were 2 Striders in evidence :
Richard Christopher Harrison was the first Strider home in 22nd (gender position 21st) in 00:20:24.
Sara Morrow completed the course in 68th (gender position 10th) in a time of 00:23:00.

At Pontefract there were 4 Striders out on the course :
David Stainthorpe was the first Strider home in 44th (gender position 41st) in 00:23:11.
William Howard finished the course in 69th (gender position 65th) in a time of 00:24:29.
Lesley Stainthorpe finished the course in 117th (gender position 14th) in a time of 00:26:33.
John Kees ran the 5k in 284th (gender position 193rd) in a time of 00:33:40.

At Goole there were 3 Striders in evidence :
Ghysllaine Bodycombe was the first Strider home in 58th (gender position 15th) in 00:28:07.
Hannah Priestley finished the course in 71st (gender position 22nd) in a time of 00:29:50.
Gillian Chatham ran the 5k in 110th (gender position 45th) in a time of 00:36:37.

At Humber Bridge parkrun Lindsey Glenville was the only Strider present, coming home in 99th place (gender position 29th) in a time of 00:32:17.

At Heslington parkrun Graham Frost kept the Striders’ end up, coming home in 54th place (gender position 51st) in a time of 00:21:36.

At Selby there were 9 Striders in evidence :
Rhys Gabb was the first Strider home in 5th (gender position 5th) in 00:20:29.
Simon Paul Harvey ran the 5k in 19th (gender position 18th) in a time of 00:24:11.
Lee Lockwood finished in 26th (gender position 23rd) in a time of 00:24:54.
David Kellett finished the course in 47th (gender position 39th) in a time of 00:26:57.
Daniel Popa finished the course in 56th (gender position 45th) in a time of 00:27:57.
Peter Fox came home in 61st (gender position 48th) in a time of 00:28:12.
Kerry Leather ran the 5k in 64th (gender position 15th) in a time of 00:28:36.
Paul Firth came home in 66th (gender position 50th) in a time of 00:28:45.
Jayne Taylor finished the course in 131st (gender position 62nd) in a time of 00:38:51.

At Bakewell parkrun John Willis was the sole Strider, coming home in 111th place (gender position 85th) in a time of 00:27:57.