Selby Striders at parkrun – 4th August 2018

A total of 35 Selby Striders were in action at 10 different parkruns this weekend.

At Hull parkrun Jarrad Englestown was the sole Strider, coming home in 15th place (gender position 15th) in a time of 00:19:41.

At Kingsway, Gloucester parkrun Richard Bromley flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 105th place (gender position 79th) in a time of 00:26:57.

At York parkrun Neil Lawson was the sole Strider, coming home in 104th place (gender position 96th) in a time of 00:23:44.

At Pontefract there were 2 Striders putting in an appearance :
Andy Poole was the first Strider home in 94th (gender position 77th) in 00:25:36.
John Kees came home in 264th (gender position 161st) in a time of 00:35:18.

At Long Eaton there were 2 Striders in evidence :
Richard Christopher Harrison was the first Strider home in 24th (gender position 21st) in 00:19:50.
Sara Morrow finished the course in 76th (gender position 12th) in a time of 00:23:16.

At Peter Pan parkrun Alex Hoggard kept the Striders’ end up, coming home in 2nd place (gender position 2nd) in a time of 00:18:04.

At Goole there were 5 Striders running :
David Stainthorpe was the first Strider home in 6th (gender position 6th) in 00:19:57.
Mark Allitt got round in 41st (gender position 39th) in a time of 00:24:50.
Philip Caddick got round in 87th (gender position 65th) in a time of 00:32:04.
Felicity Caddick finished in 89th (gender position 23rd) in a time of 00:32:12.
Kate Brown finished in 113th (gender position 40th) in a time of 00:38:39.

At Humber Bridge parkrun Tim Heneghan flew the Striders’ flag, coming home in 131st place (gender position 95th) in a time of 00:33:24.

At Selby there were 20 Striders out on the course :
Ian Robertson was the first Strider home in 3rd (gender position 3rd) in 00:17:53.
Marcus Reid completed the course in 17th (gender position 16th) in a time of 00:21:37.
Lee Lockwood completed the course in 18th (gender position 17th) in a time of 00:21:42.
Alan Marshall ran the 5k in 20th (gender position 19th) in a time of 00:21:47.
Brian Beisly came home in 33rd (gender position 31st) in a time of 00:23:56.
Jason Waring got round in 38th (gender position 34th) in a time of 00:24:33.
Richard Beckett got round in 39th (gender position 35th) in a time of 00:24:48.
Steve Ingledew ran the 5k in 45th (gender position 41st) in a time of 00:25:18.
Katy Parker completed the course in 47th (gender position 6th) in a time of 00:25:40.
Beth Hopwood finished the course in 48th (gender position 7th) in a time of 00:25:46.
David Kellett ran the 5k in 51st (gender position 43rd) in a time of 00:26:21.
Andrea Whitehead finished in 54th (gender position 9th) in a time of 00:26:58.
Paul Callaghan finished in 56th (gender position 47th) in a time of 00:27:07.
Nigel Taylor got round in 62nd (gender position 52nd) in a time of 00:27:32.
Natalie Jackson came home in 63rd (gender position 11th) in a time of 00:27:34.
Wendy Ormsby got round in 67th (gender position 13th) in a time of 00:28:19.
Hannah Priestley finished in 74th (gender position 18th) in a time of 00:30:07.
Jan Marshall finished in 82nd (gender position 24th) in a time of 00:32:25.
Gillian Kellett got round in 84th (gender position 26th) in a time of 00:33:23.
John Willis got round in 109th (gender position 69th) in a time of 00:46:20.

At Llanerchaeron parkrun Stephanie Hiscott represented the Striders, coming home in 50th place (gender position 15th) in a time of 00:29:21.