Striders at Endure24 2018

All the Striders results from this weekend’s Endure24 race at Bramham Park.

In the solo male category :

Neil Musgrove brought home a centurion t-shirt by racking up an incredible 20 laps (100 miles) in 24:15:47.

Stuart Morrow churned out 14 laps (70 miles) in 23:07:10.

Paul Callaghan mastered 13 laps (65 miles) in 24:15:54.

In the solo female category, Anna Jaques completed 6 laps (30 miles) in a time of 22:26:37.

In the mixed pairs team category, Rich Harrison and Sara Morrow (“Hull, Hell & Selby Striders!”) completed an enviable 27 laps (135 miles) in 24:21:47 to take overall third place in the category.

In the mixed large team category :

Selby Flying Striders (Rhys Gabb, Sam Hodgson, Adrian Craven, Nigel Taylor, Peter Fox, Giles Bennett and Kathryn Ford) completed 31 laps (155 miles) in 24:25:51.

Mary Berry Alford and Friends (John Willis, Gill Chatham, Alan Marshall, Nic Tate, Fran Milner, Andrea Whitehead, John Kees and Stephanie Hiscott) completed 29 laps (145 miles) in 24:25:52.

Selby Smilers (Lesley Stainthorpe, Dave Stainthorpe, Lee Lockwood, Paul Firth, Fran Francina Whelan, Tim Hen and Lindsey Glenville) completed 28 laps (140 miles) in 23:43:12.